Benefits And Issues Associated With A New Dodge Charger

Have you been yearning for a new car, but prefer the traditional look of an American classic?  If you want a modern sedan with the appearance of an older American muscle car, the Dodge Charger may be perfect for you. Still, there are pros and cons to purchasing any vehicle. Here are some of the benefits and issues associated with a new Dodge Charger: Benefits The Look The Dodge Charger is a sporty car with stylish curves and a spoiler. [Read More]

3 Of The Best Bug Out Vehicles To Consider

Planning for a disaster consists of determining exactly where you will evacuate to, and exactly how you will get yourself and your loved ones there safely. A bug out vehicle is the vehicle that you will be using to evacuate a disaster zone. SUVs, trucks, and adventure motorcycles are among the best bug out options to consider. SUVs If you have a large family that you need to evacuate when a disaster strikes, then there is no better bug out vehicle option than an SUV. [Read More]

Unique Ways To Remove Foul Odors From Your Car And Keep It Smelling Clean

There's nothing quite like that new car or new truck smell. The aroma as you drive off the lot with your new vehicle can put a smile on your face. If your car is getting up there in years and not longer smells as great as it once did, perhaps it's time for an intervention. If you smoke cigarettes or eat fast food inside your vehicle on a regular basis, try out some of these tips to help keep your car smelling clean. [Read More]